Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Wide Sargasso Sea Essay Topics

Wide Sargasso Sea Essay TopicsYour wide Sargasso sea ocean essay topics should range from the subtleties of marine biology to the most fundamental laws of physics and geology. The fundamental laws are the rules and principles that govern the vast expanses of the ocean and how they interact with the life forms in it.Scientific research often uses coral reefs as their subject matter but sometimes marine biologists will go onto other species of reefs as well. Because of the mysteries surrounding life on earth, many marine biologists have tried to go further afield and into the deepest parts of the ocean, where many unknown things may happen. Life on earth is governed by three basic laws of physics and they are Newton's laws of gravity, Einstein's laws of special and general relativity and Einstein's law of universal gravitation.Even the deep sea dwellers, are governed by these laws of physics and life itself is subject to the laws of the ocean as well. If there are no tides, the seas ar e non-existent and all life would be impossible. Therefore the ocean and the deep sea are the ideal place for scientific research.Sea algae, seaweed, are one of the world's most fascinating subjects. There are several different types of algae that live on the ocean's surface and beneath the surface of the water. The types of algae can vary depending on their location and their kind of life. One particular type of seaweed is parasitic and others are not parasitic.Seaweed is naturally found on the sea floor. When there is heavy rain or snowfall, the tide comes in and brings more nutrient rich water to the surface. There is an equal exchange of both nutrients by the algae living in the water. These algae feed off of the nutrients and turn them into sugars which are the fuel for the aerobic bacteria living in the sea. Oxygen is produced by the bacteria and the sugars the alga produce are converted into carbon dioxide and water vapor. With all of this happening, the aerobic bacteria beco me saturated with oxygen and they begin to break down the carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide into different gases like methane and propane. These gases are then released to the atmosphere.Researchers have studied the different types of seaweed in the different types of areas that they call different zones of the ocean. They also have studied the locations of some of the zones themselves such as the abyssal zone, the intermediate zone, the mixed zone and the thermocline zone.The next time you plan on taking your wide Sargasso sea essay topics, try to look at marine biology. Not only does this give you the best opportunity to talk about the most active parts of the ocean, it will help you avoid unnecessary confusion. In this area, there is so much to learn that it may seem overwhelming at first but after doing some research, you will see the benefits of your efforts and you will be glad you did.

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